New York train crash kills six

By: Allison Petkoff

On Tuesday night, February 3, a commuter train in Valhalla, New York, crashed and killed 6 people while injuring at least 12. The train was heading north, traveling from New York City’s Grand Central Terminal. After leaving the terminal, it hit a Mercedes SUV that was sitting on the train intersection. The car had 6 passengers and all of the passengers were killed. The train caught fire due to the accident and was described according to The Washington Post as “a fireball moving along the tracks.” All of the passengers were then evacuated from the train in what was described as panic with smoke. A train passenger described the experience by saying they heard a “loud bam and felt a bump” according to The Washington Post.

The emergency brake was hit prior to hitting the SUV; however, it was not enough from shoving the car about 10 train car lengths. All of the injuries were acquired by passengers of the train. Seven of the 12 injures were reported as very serious.

It is unknown why the car was sitting on the railroad tracks at 6:30 pm. It could have been stalled or purposely stopped. However, right before the train hit, a woman got out of the car and checked the back bumper and then got back into the car. This scenario insinuates that the car was stalled. Senator Chuck Schumer said that he was planning an investigation on the accident. This crash is the railroad’s deadliest.