Indoor Percussion Ensemble Wins First Competition


By: C.J. Destefani

Bellbrook Percussion Students are at it again as the Indoor Percussion Ensemble (IPE) competition season began with a bang. IPE took first place with its original show titled “Delay” in the Scholastic A class at its first competition in Hamilton, on Sunday, Feb. 1. The members of IPE worked very hard for this first victory and will continue to “practice hard and not let our win cloud our minds,” says Kristin Cote, a senior and a co-center (the other being Melissa O’Hara) of the pit section. The 30 members and a staff of talented musicians love going to IPE every day “to be with friends and have an enjoyable time learning new music and perfecting our art.”

Cote would also like to invite the community to IPE’s home invitational on Feb. 14. This invitational will include many other school’s percussion ensembles and is much more interesting than a sit-down band concert. Similar to a marching band, the drum core, battery, and cymbals all march about a basketball court in intricate patterns while the marimbas, vibraphones, drum racks, and synthesizers line the front of the court. The result is a seat rattling experience. To be a part of this amazing group, you have to be in 8 to 12th grade at BHS and in a band class. For the dates of IPE’s other events as well as the dates of groups such as Bellbrook’s winter guard, winter guard international, and Mid-East percussion associations at




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