“Boyhood” Review

By Katherine Barton

An original movie, Boyhood by Richard Linklater was filmed with the same cast over 12 years. This choice provides the unique experience of watching the actors grow up as their story progresses. Showing both the crests and troughs of adolescence, Boyhood is realistic. The movie portrays topics such as abusive parents, divorce, first love, the heartbreak of breakups, and the effects of graduation, making it easy to find something from your own childhood represented in the film. 

Boyhood was very relatable to me, maybe because I  grew up at about the same time as the movie was filmed. The most memorable moment for me was the dialogue nearing the end of the movie between  Mason, the main protagonist, and his father. Mason’s developing views on life are those that everyone experiences. In ways such as this, Boyhood allows the viewer to relive parts of her own childhood. Due to its successful representation of real-life and ensuing nostalgia, Boyhood has become widely known and enjoyed. I recommend it, especially to people born in the late 1990’s.