Everybody Wins Except the Seahawks

By Sarah Rovinsky

Actor Chris Pratt initiated a bet against fellow actor, Chris Evans, over Twitter exclaiming, if Pratt’s team–the Seattle Seahawks–won Super bowl XLIX, Evans would visit Seattle Children’s Hospital dressed as the main character from Captain America. However, if the New England Patriots–Evans’s team–won, Pratt would visit Christopher’s Haven Hospital in Boston dressed as the main character from Guardians of the Galaxy. 

Even though the Patriots conquered the Seahawks, the Chrises decided to visit the patients and families at both hospitals.
Together, they visited Christopher’s Haven, which provides home and support to children battling cancer. Today.com said, “According to Joyce Duvall, a media relations spokeswoman for Christopher’s Haven, both action stars were a major hit! ‘They were here for about two and a half hours,’ she told E! News. ‘The kids were so excited. Both of the Chrises really played with the kids. There was no media here at all-it was just about the kids. …All of the kids had Captain America shields’ she said, ‘[and] Chris Evans was egging them on the fight Chris Pratt!’”

The real life superheroes will also be visiting Seattle Children’s Hospital. Their Twitter Bowl 2015 Challenge, launched on January 29, raised $12,000 for Christopher’s Haven and $15,000 for Seattle Children’s Hospital. Donors can continue to support these two hospitals at their respective fundraising websites or by texting TEAMPRATT to 501501 for Seattle Children’s.