Is Lebron James Feuding with Kevin Love?

By Maria Gerbic

Seems like LeBron James and Kevin Love get along.  (USATSI)

Lebron James’s tweet from Saturday night, February 7, prior to Cleveland’s 120-105 victory over the Lakers, has stirred quite the controversy over teammates and media alike, who claimed that it targeted James’s teammate, Kevin Love.  James originally denied that the tweet, which said, “Stop trying to find a way to FIT-OUT and just FIT-IN. Be apart [sic] of something special! Just my thoughts,” was about Love, although later, James admitted that it was intentional.

Love, who was traded to Cleveland by the Minnesota Timberwolves in August 2014, has had an up and down season, and his 5 point game against the Pacers Friday night marked a low point in his career. Love voiced his disappointment after the game, telling that, “It’s one of the toughest situations I’ve had to deal with.” The game was the only loss the Cavs had in 13 games, and afterwards James took to social media. His words “FIT-OUT and FIT-IN” were recognized by the media as Love’s words from the preseason, when he discussed his trade to Cleveland with ESPN: “I’m comfortable and just not trying to, I guess, fit in so much.”

After the Cavs’ Sunday night victory and Kevin Love’s season high of 32 points on 11-of-18 shooting over the LA Lakers, reporters interviewed James and he addressed the rumors. According to CBS, James initially denied that the tweet was about Love, and claimed that the tweet was just an observation about people in general.  Later, when the cameras were down, he admitted to a small group of reporters that, “It’s [the tweet] not a coincidence, man.”

While James has an opinion on Love’s attitude, on the court James continues to push Love to become a better scorer as well as improve his defense, so he can perform just as well as James and other Cavs’ top player, Kyrie Irving.