Patriots: XLIV Champs

By: Harmony Takhar

Every sport has a championship game to determine the superior team/player of the season. In football, as I’m sure you all are aware of, it’s the Super Bowl. Super Bowl XLIV took place February 1, with the matchup of Patriots vs Seahawks. Who came out on top? The New England Patriots. Their past season was extraordinary with quarterback Tom Brady leading to a 12 win and 4 loss season, landing them the opportunity for Super Bowl XLIV, opposing Seattle Seahawks champions of Super Bowl XLIII.

In the beginning, the Patriots lost the coin toss, and for a while in the game, their chances weren’t looking so good. The first quarter: 0-0, second quarter: 14-14, third quarter: 24-14 Seahawks lead, and fourth quarter: 28-24 Patriots lead. In the last quarter with 2 minutes left the Seahawks almost pulled back on top. With 30 seconds left, they even reached the field goal line. Then Seahawks’ quarterback Russell Wilson passed twice at the field goal line when he could have easily pushed through the Patriots’ defense and scored. Unfortunately for the Seahawks, the Patriots intercepted the second pass and all hopes were lost.

Then in the final seconds of the game, as the Patriots tried to get the ball out of the field goal area for a possibility of another interception by the Seahawks, who are well-known for interceptions, the players picked fights with players of the opposing team.

The Patriots stopped the Seahawks from winning the Super Bowl by two consecutive yards. Patriots brought home the trophy and many adoring fans could not have been happier. Brady even received the latest, newest red Chevrolet.

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