Bellbrook Winter Guard Preps for WGI

by Bridget Richard

Camryn Potter, a sophomore at BHS, talked to Eagle View News about the upcoming winter guard competition and their season so far.

Q: How many different winter guard teams does Bellbrook have this year? Which one are you on?

A: There are three groups in the Bellbrook Color Guard program, the Belles (Elementary), Bellbrook Jr. High Winterguard, and the Bellbrook Open Class Winter Guard. I am a part of the Bellbrook Open Class Winter Guard.

Q: What is the show theme this year? What is your favorite part about it?

A: The show is called “Harlequin” and the color guard girls are clowns that have to put on an extravagant show for a crowd but after the “show” the girls show their true feelings underneath their happy performance face. My favorite part is portraying this angsty character “behind the scenes” of the happy clown show.

Q: Which competitions/invitationals have you competed in this season? And what scores have you gotten?

A: Locally we have competed in:

-Hamilton 70.8

-Bellbrook 80.3

-Kettering 82.1

-Centerville 85.0

We are scored out of 100 points. Our next local competition is at the Nutter Center and our local championships are held in Hamilton. Nationally we performed at the Indianapolis regional where we have placed 1st with a 78.1. Our next regional will be held at the Cintas Center in Cincinnati on March 14-15.

Q: In your opinion, what has been a key to the guard’s success this season?

A: I believe the key to our success to far has been pushing each other to be the best we can be and striving towards greatness.

Q: The WGI championships are coming up on April 16-19. What, in relation to that, are you most nervous about?

A: I am most nervous about not fulfilling my goals for the season because after the last performance. That’s it. And if that as a whole doesn’t fulfill a “perfect show” then we don’t get another shot.

Q: When and where can the community see you perform?

A: All of the Bellbrook Indoor programs will be showcasing their performances at the Bellbrook High School on March 27 at 7:00 p.m. The time may change, but it’s most likely 7 p.m.