Golden Eagles Soar Artistically

By Henry Wong

This past weekend, the 9th annual Bellbrook Art Show was held at Bellbrook High School. The show is coordinated by all the art teachers in the Middle School and High School of the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek School District. People of all ages, from kids to adults, went to view the art that came in the form of drawings, sculptures, figure studies, and much more. Daniel Mendez,  a talented senior and contributing artist to the show said, “The art show gives the school a chance to see what the art department has been up to, since there isn’t anything like football games for art.” He first participated in the art show when he was  sophomore.

Looking around, it was incredible to think that all of the art was made by students considering how amazing some of it was. Seniors each got their own bay window, gaining the opportunity to fill it up with their best works and essentially create mini exhibits. Much of this art was personal including self portraits and names written in calligraphy.

It’s always an eye-opening experience to see the work of other artists. According to another contributing artist and senior Hope Longinow, “A lot of times you’ll see an awesome piece of artwork by someone who you didn’t even know was artistic and I think that’s really cool. It almost gives you a chance to get to know people through a painting or sculpture.” If this isn’t yet enough incentive to attend the next art show, there was food, and Mendez said the lemonade was spectacular.

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