Actor Harrison Ford Hospitalized After Plane Crash

by Emily Engle

On Thursday, March 5, at 2:25 PM PT, 72-year-old actor Harrison Ford (well-known star of the Indiana Jones and Star Wars series) radioed to nearby air towers that the vintage plane he was flying had experienced engine failure and he needed to make “an immediate return.”  He was given permission to land on a nearby runway but his plane was in such dire condition that he was forced to crash-land on the nearby Penmar golf course in Venice, California, on an approach to the 8th tee.

A group of onlooking doctors immediately pulled Ford from the plane, fearing imminent explosion, but fortunately, no fire started.  When paramedics arrived, Ford was awake, breathing, and alert, but had suffered (according to Page Six) at least a broken ankle and pelvis.  TMZ also reported “multiple gashes to his head,” as well as BBC News’ description of his status in the ambulance as in “fair to moderate condition.”

Ford is still hospitalized as of Monday, March 9, but his publicist has announced, “The injuries sustained are not life threatening, and he is expected to make a full recovery.”  Ford’s son, Ben, also tweeted, “Dad is OK.  Battered but OK!”

At the time of the accident, Ford had been flying a WWII vintage plane, a 1942 Ryan Aeronautical ST3KR. Investigators for the crash landing have still not yet been able to determine what caused the engines to fail.


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