Lebron James Hit Below The Belt

By: Harmony Takhar

Sunday, March 1 was a NBA game of the Cleveland Cavaliers and Houston Rockets. The game’s outcome was 105-103 OT in the favor of the Rockets. There was a flagrant foul between James Harden and Lebron James, because Harden hit James below the belt. The foul occurred with 2:08 left of the game. James claims that if he had not been injured by Harden, the Cavaliers would have won. He did not report any pain during the foul in fear he would be pulled off the court, but after the game did report some pain.

Because James thinks his team would have won if the foul had not occurred, he is pushing NBA officials for either a rematch of the game or the game to be obsolete, seeing the game affects the results of the 2015 NBA playoffs. The officials have yet to speak though, and since it is already a week after the report and no call has yet to be made, it seems the officials are not going to do anything about it.

Sources: ESPN News

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