Oh No! It’s Already Spring?!

By Harmony Takhar

The amazing thing about spring is it’s wham but not scorching hot like in the summer. Students have school during this time, but for one sweet week, they get to enjoy this majestic season that we know as spring break. Spring Break has started for some and is right around the corner for others. Did you forget to make plans or have no idea what to do or where to go? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

There are tons of places you can go, but the only issue you may have is finding a place to stay. Many nice hotels require a reservation, and by this time all the good ones are basically booked, but you don’t won’t have a great time anywhere you go if the place you’re staying at isn’t to your liking. There are plenty of travel sites you can turn toward, but the best are Hotwire, Trivago, and sometimes Expedia. That should help if you need rooms for any place you want to go. Expedia can even get plane tickets and transportation arranged.

If you can’t go anywhere and are stuck in your hometown, then I have a few ideas that can help keep your break memorable and a good time. There’s always amusement parks that aren’t too far away from home. If you live in the west side of Ohio, then you could go to Kings Island or Cedar Point, but some parks may not be open at the time of your break.

Then there’s the pool (if it’s warm enough), either community, but many people prefer their own home pool or their friends’ pool. To make it even more enjoyable, you could even through a pool party. If it’s in the day, then make sure to decorate it to make it looks fun, maybe have some pool noodles or something with some music and make sure to invite plenty of people to make it a good time. Your party could also be at night. You can get some glow sticks, throw them in the pool, and string lights up everywhere (my personal favorite are Christmas lights). To really get the party going, you’ll need a plentiful amount of tasty snacks and drinks and some music everyone can listen to and would put them all in a good mood, to maybe even dance.

Another fun activity is to have a movie screening. Simply choose a movie, grab some popcorn, and start the movie. You could do it inside in either a theater room or a TV, or could take the projector to cast on some bed sheets hung up and watch the movie outside at night.

Something I’ve done is go to a simple park with swings and slides and monkey bars. You could play on the play sets (you’re never too old!) or bring some sort of ball to pass around with your friends. If you’re going around the afternoon or evening, then why not bring some snacks? Or better yet, pack a picnic! Make sure you bring a very big picnic blanket, because the bugs will come as soon as they see food!

There are plenty of things to do during spring break, whether you’re home or on vacation, but whatever you do, make sure it’s fun and you have a great time!

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