7 Life Changing Hacks That Every High School Student Should Know

By Emily Bunsold

  1. Having trouble waking up?
  • This might be a hard one, but putting your alarm clock (or phone) across your room will force you to actually get out of bed to hit the snooze button.
  1. Need to stay focused while studying?
  • Research has shown that music with lyrics does more harm than good to you while studying because your brain can’t comprehend two things at once like listening to rap music while trying to read a book. Listening to classical music from YouTube or Pandora should really help you stay focused and get your homework done without sitting there in complete silence.
  1. Need help remembering information for a big test?
  • Chew a certain flavor of gum (that you normally don’t chew on regular basis) while studying the specific subject. Then when it’s time to take the test, chew the same flavor of gum you did while studying. It may be just a placebo effect, but from personal experience this does help me remember stuff that I studied.
  1. Starting a new semester and keep forgetting your schedule?
  • Take a picture of the original schedule and set it as your background on your phone.
  1. Writing an essay or research paper?
  • After you finish it, copy and paste it into google translate and have it read your paper out loud to you. This will allow you to fix any errors you might have missed.
  1. Need to charge your phone faster?
  • Plug it in like you normally would, but put your phone on airplane mode.
  1. Teacher talking too fast for you to take notes?
  • Record them using the voice memo app on your phone. This way, you can pay attention while the teacher is talking and take notes afterward.