Oklahoma Teen Convicted in Boredom Shooting

By Maria Gerbic

Left to right: 18 year old Chauncey Luna, 15 year old James Edwards, and 17 year old Michael Jones

Eighteen year old Chancey Allen Luna, one of three teens involved in theChancey Allen Luna Convicted of Murder for Killing Christopher Lane killing of 22-year- old Christopher Lane, was found guilty of first-degree murder on Friday, April 18, in Stephens County, Oklahoma. He is eligible for a life sentence without parole, and the final sentencing will be in July. Christopher Lane, an Australian baseball player visiting his girlfriend in Duncan, Oklahoma, was fatally shot in the back by the teens while jogging on August 16, 2013. The vehicle’s driver, (then) seventeen-year-old Michael Jones, was found guilty of second degree murder and sentenced to life in prison, while fifteen-year-old accomplice James Edwards agreed to testify against Luna and Jones. Edwards admitted that the boys wanted to kill someone because they were bored, and chose their target at random.

Luna was choked up after the verdict was announced in the courtroom Friday, and was recorded quietly saying, “I’m sorry” to reporters as he was led out of the courtroom. Lane’s father, Peter Lane, said that the verdict, “Doesn’t change the fact that we don’t take Chris home,” and that “It’s not a good or a bad result, it’s just a result.” Chauncey’s mother, on the other hand, is grieving in another way, believing that the verdict is unfair and that her son should be given another chance. She screamed, through sobs, that her son is not a killer. District Attorney Jason Hicks responded, saying that, “The citizens of this county can understand  that we are not going to tolerate this kind of behavior” (CNN). The Lane family will return to Melbourne, knowing that justice was served for the mindless killing of their son.

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