Athlete of the Week: Anna Starkey

By: Rachel Heinz

Athlete of the Week: Anna Starkey

Sport: Softball

Position: Left Field/ Second Base

When did you start playing softball?

I started when I was 7 years old because my brother played baseball and I wanted to play it too.

What makes you love playing softball?

It’s more relaxed than sports such as soccer and football, but it is still exciting to play and watch.

What are your goals for the season?

Since we have such a young team, we have focused on developing our skills as a whole and introducing the younger players to a varsity sport. Last year we finished 7th in the league so we hope to finish higher this year.

What’s your favorite memory from softball?

This year we won against one of our biggest rivals, Valley View, by 1 run in extra innings. For the first time in the season we had come together as a team.

What do you hope to gain from playing softball?

I hope to make lasting memories with my teammates and learn life lessons.

Softball plans for the future?

I would like to play in a rec league or co-ed league.

Any pet peeves of the game?

I hate when my team and I let ourselves put our heads down when we are behind.

Any game day rituals?

I always have to eat one banana and brush my teeth before the game. I wear two different batting gloves. I also eat an Altoid in between every inning.