Senior prank or Felony?

By: Allison Petkoff

A senior prank in Springfield, Ohio, occurred on Friday, May 8, in which four students slashed the tires of 24 school buses. In addition to the slashed tires, the students left behind the messages, “You have been pranked by seniors 2015” and “To have school or to not have school?” Ultimately, the Northwestern Local School District decided that they could not resume classes with 24 of their buses unusable. 2,000 students in the district did not have to go to school on Friday. According to District Superintendent Tony Orr and Fox News, the entire district may have to make up the day missed.

The culprits are not getting off easily, however. The students involved were Taylor Monroe, Stewart Parrott, Anthony Esposito, and Justin Weekly. The students are all eighteen or nineteen years old and attend the Springfield, Ohio, school. The students are being charged with vandalism and disrupting public services. Officials believe that the students removed valve stems from the tires and that is how the students deflated the tires. This prank could cause the students to spend up to 6 months in prison.

The damages that the four students caused are expected to cost the taxpayers of the county thousands of dollars.