NFL Draft 2015

By: Harmony Takhar

NFL draft took place on the days of April 28-May 2. Players from colleges all around the nation gathered in Chicago in the Auditorium Theater of Roosevelt University. Fans gathered around the TV and some lucky ones even attended the draft in Chicago. The draft was available to be viewed to all who had cable, and the trade tracking is available on the NFL website and on the ESPN website.

The first pick went to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, following with the Tennessee Titans and then the Jacksonville Jaguars.  The most popular pick is usually for a wide receiver. Leonard Williams was the most popular and favorited pick of the first round, and he went to the New York Jets. Last year the most popular and favorited pick was Johnny Manziel going to the Cleveland Browns, as they were searching for a new quarterback, and O’Dell Beckham, Jr., to the New York Giants as a new wide receiver.

Athletes are excited when they are drafted to a team, but most of it isn’t final because of the possibility of a trade. The first trade began with the Colts and 49ers for trading positions prior to the actual draft. Then during the draft, the Chargers and 49ers were the first to trade. The 49ers were hoping to obtain a wide receiver for the team, and they did attain DeAndre Smelter to fill the position as well as an excellent defensive set.


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