Athlete of the Week: Iona Harrop

Athlete of the Week: Iona Harrop

Sport: Girls’ Soccer

Position: Center Mid

When did you start playing soccer?

I started in 3rd grade because all of my friends were playing it.

What makes you love soccer?

I really like my teammates and my coaches; they are very supportive.

What are your goals for the season?

My goal for next season, my senior year, is to have fun and stay healthy throughout the whole season.

What’s your favorite memory from soccer?

My favorite memory from soccer season is all of our Dairy Shed runs. Our whole team would run from Dairy Shed to the high school, then we would go to Panera afterwards.

Any pet peeves of the game?

I hate when people are unsupportive and don’t give 110%.

Any game day rituals?

I always eat a banana and talk to Julia Poth before a game.