Wahl Goes to State

By: Harmony Takhar

Junior Melissa Wahl will be heading off to state this track season. She is a junior and has been high jumping the past 5 track seasons. Her personal best on high jump is 5’5″ and she accomplished this at her last meet. I had a chance to ask a few questions with her about her high jump experience.

EVN: What has influenced you to become a high jumper?

Wahl: The idea of jumping over a bar backwards seemed challenging yet fun. So one day in middle school I decided to give it a try and I turned out to be pretty good at it.

EVN: How big of a priority is high jump to you?

Wahl: High jump is a big priority in my life right now. It comes second to my school work and if I’m not high jumping, I’m practicing high jump. I even plan to jump in college.

EVN: What motivates you to do so well in high jump?

Wahl: Every inch that I jump higher is an accomplishment. It’s the fear for a height that I overcome which motivates me to do my best.

EVN: How do you feel when you jump?

Wahl: The second I leave the ground and land on that mat, I just feel the moment of being in the air. I don’t feel or see anything because I’m so focused on technique. It goes by too fast.

EVN: When you are jumping, what runs through your mind?

Wahl: Right before I jump, I clear my mind from any thought or any of my other worries. High jump is a mental game, if you think about it too much, it can make you too nervous and ruin your jump.

EVN: What height do you wish to jump at state?

Wahl: I want to beat my PR (personal record), and my goal for state is to jump at least 5’6″ or more!

EVN: How are you feeling about your opportunity at state?

Wahl: I feel excited about it and I hope to reach my goal. This will be my first time at state and I hope it won’t be my last.

Good Luck to Melissa Wahl when she heads off to state, which will be held at Ohio State University of June 5-6th.