Art Courtyard Dedicated to Local Artist

By: Joseph Spirk

Tuesday, September 15, community members and school faculty of BHS joined together to dedicate the newly renovated art courtyard to local philanthropist and artist, Yenema “Burma” Fernandez. Much of the new courtyard was generously paid for by Mrs. Fernandez’s Scholarship Fund, which she created before her passing through the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Educational Foundation.

Monetary donations were also given by the Bellbrook-Sugarcreek Chamber of Commerce and the newly opened Fresh Thyme Farmer’s Market.

“Mrs. Fernandez was a local artist that cared a great deal about the success of the art department here at Bellbrook High School,” said Mrs. Fogarty, an art teacher at BHS and director of the design and construction of the new courtyard. The focal point of the new courtyard is a giant deck, that Mrs. Fogarty said students will be able to paint and draw on as well as a place for students to study or relax. Mrs. Fogarty also said that they may eventually get a bird bath or a small pond installed in the future.

A temporary plaque is located by the doors to the courtyard in the hallway that connects the senior and freshman hallways. A permanent plaque will be installed at a later date.