BHS Artist Spotlight: Anneliese Wolf

by Alyssa Rogers

Anneliese Wolf is a 17-year-old senior at Bellbrook High School with a bright future in the art world. I had the pleasure of sitting down with Anneliese for an interview talking about her art. She has been creating her own art outside of school since she was only 6 years old, and no, I don’t mean scribbling pictures; I mean art.

When talking about who has taught her the most about art she said, “My dad is an artist and he taught me so much and inspires me.” Anneliese is also very inspired by the artist Alex Grey, “His stuff is more commercial art but it’s so good and I’m obsessed!” Anneliese’s favorite form of art is abstract painting with “sort of unrealistic color schemes.” In college Anneliese plans on majoring in Art Therapy after she does her first two years at Sinclair. She wants to be involved with Art Therapy to help kids get through rough patches in their life through art.

Anneliese not only does her art for own enjoyment but also for others. She sells some of her art. “It’s really cool knowing someone wants to pay for something I made out from my imagination and a paintbrush,” she says. She plans to continue selling her art on the side even when she’s an adult.