Key Club Members Show Support for Syrian Refugees

By: Joseph Spirk

Last Wednesday, members of the Bellbrook High School Key Club wrote letters to Syrian refugees during their monthly meeting in the new cafeteria as a show of support for those who are displaced and are fleeing from war in their home country to safety in countries of Europe and around the Middle East.

Members were encouraged to put positive expressions and words of hope such as, “Hang in there!,” “We love and support you,” and “We are always thinking of you; stay strong!”

This year’s Key Club officers got the idea from Miami University student Sara Al-Zubi who believes we are all responsible for the Syrian Refugee Crisis and who has taken the initiative to make a positive impact on such an atrocious situation by proposing the writing of letters and notes of support. She says, “We endlessly talk about globalization and the benefits that we have reaped from it, but when we are faced with the obligation of stopping heinous, atrocious acts that are happening all over the world, we take a step back.” Ms. Al-Zubi is very adamant that each and every one of us can no longer be silent and not do anything. Instead we must act to save a group of people who are being torn apart each and every day and deserve help.

The finished letters will be sent to Ms. Al-Zubi who will personally translate all of the letters into Arabic and will eventually send them to the United States Embassy in Amman, Jordan where they will be given out to refugees staying in Amman and the surrounding area.

Ms. Al-Zubi outlined the purpose of writing the letters as “not transforming their living situation, but purely as a piece of mail that will lighten their day and put hope back into their lives.”

If you or anyone you know would like to send a short letter of support please talk to any of the Key Club officers or Mrs. Sanderman by this Friday, October 16, 2015.