Cubs on Hot Streak in MLB Playoffs

By: Mitch Hughes

Even though the leaves are beginning to fall and the temperatures are beginning to drop, Major League baseball is still in season. The MLB Playoffs are in full swing and things have gone much differently than predicted. Five teams still remain. The Cubs, Royals and Blue Jays have already secured a spot in the semifinals and the Mets and Dodgers will decide who advances on Thursday, October 15. Possibly the biggest story that has risen in this year’s playoffs are the 5th seeded Chicago Cubs, who just barely made it into the playoffs.

The Cubs have shocked the masses by winning their first two rounds. First, in the wildcard game, they defeated the Pittsburgh Pirates 4-0 to secure a spot in the bracket. Not many could have predicted what came next. The Cubs defeated the first seeded Cardinals three games to one in the series with respective scores of 4-0 (Cardinals), 6-3 (Cubs), 8-6 (Cubs), 6-4 (Cubs). They will play the winner of the Dodgers/Mets series that is currently tied at two games apiece in the semifinal. With the momentum they have at the moment, the Cubs’ shot at being this year’s World Series champs isn’t at all unrealistic.


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