Getting To Know the Homecoming King and Queen

By Jaclyn Frank

On October 2, Bellbrook High School crowned the 2016 Homecoming king and queen. Congratulations to David Vine and Casey Murphy. David Vine is the quarterback for Bellbrook’s Varsity football team and Casey participates in cross country and track.

Q: How did it feel to be recognized as homecoming queen and king?

Casey: It felt weird because everyone was staring at me and I was having a pretty bad hair day that day! But I was joyful because it was a cool experience.

David: It was a very special experience to be crowned by last year’s King Jacob Schmitt and I’m glad that I can be a part of that legacy.

Q: Are you proud that your student body nominated you to be homecoming queen/king?

Casey: I guess I was proud. I honestly wanted Iona to win because I knew she didn’t want it.

David: It makes me happy to think that the student body views me highly and that I have impacted others.

Q: Were you surprised with the results?

Casey: I was surprised for sure. It seemed kind of random.

David: I was surprised. I thought Joseph Spirk would win.

Q: What advice could you give to students hoping to become homecoming king/queen in the future?

Casey: My advice would be to just be kind to people and I guess make an effort to make new friends. Being genuine to people and caring for others goes a long way in other’s lives.

David: Be a genuine person. Show love to everyone and don’t be fake about it.


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