Hungry and no where to go?

by Casey Murphy

Here are a list of the top 5  best restaurants in Bellbrook, according to Tripadvisor. Number 1 on the list is a local ice cream shed, Dairy Shed. According to one reviewer on Trip Advisor, “The service here is superb! Love their ice cream, especially the malts! Prices are very reasonable and the kids love the sprinkles and candy eyeballs they put on the ice cream!” Dairy Shed recently celebrated their 40th year.

Number 2 is a thai style restaurant, Tik’s Thai Grille. According to ‘Vinny_Loves_Kim,’ a Tripadvisor subscriber, “We were going out for a sandwich and just drove into their lot and decided to try them out. The meal and service were spectacular. We will be stopping there many more times in the future. It was an outstanding value with a nice atmosphere and kept very clean.”

Number 3 is a quaint breakfast restaurant in the middle of Bellbrook, Blueberry Cafe. According to Mike H, a reviewer for Tripadvisor, “Good food, fair price, good service. I would and do recommend. Home cooking at its best. My favorite is the breakfast although the lunch is very good.” Pictured is the legendary, energetic Muffin Man who makes muffins for the Cafe.

Number 4 is El Toro Mexican Restaurant on W Franklin St. According to Tim S, “It’s hard to beat El Toro in Bellbrook for quality and value during lunch. Their lunch chimichanga, taco salad, and fajitas are super values. Swing by the Kroger across the street and you’ll find discounts for El Toro on the back of their receipts or you can get them out of discount books.” This Mexican style restraunt recieved a 4 out of 5 on