U of Louisville investigating new book’s damaging allegations

by Kennedy Szekely

Yahoo Sports has recently learned that The University of Louisville is investigating allegations in a new book that claims a basketball staff member paid several women to dance for and have sex with players and recruits. The book, Breaking Cardinal Rules: Basketball and the Escort Queen, published by IBJ Book Publishing, is written by Katina Powell – the woman who may have provided escorts to the University of Louisville team. “The University of Louisville first learned of these allegations when the Indianapolis Business Journal contacted the University’s sports information department seeking comment in late August,” the school said in a statement. “… The University, on its own initiative, notified the NCAA Enforcement Staff regarding this matter and has been in regular communication with them.”

“To say I’m disheartened and disappointed would be probably the biggest understatement I’ve made since I’ve been a coach,” said Rick Pitino in a press conference on October  1.

In the book’s final chapter, the university responds to the allegations made against them, “The University of Louisville has retained an outside expert to investigate allegations evidently contained in a book that IBJ Book Publishing, LLC, has been asked to publish. The outside expert is aggressively reviewing this situation in full cooperation with relevant authorities, including the NCAA. The university notes that the publisher has provided sparse detail to date and repeats its request for additional detail in order to further the thoroughness of the investigation. If the investigation uncovers any misconduct by University employees, the university will deal with it swiftly and severely.”

According to allegations, Katina Powell brought women into Billy Minardi Hall, the basketball dorms on the campus, through a side door to entertain players. Powell also says her dancers – which included her daughters – also entertained Louisville players at locations off campus. After the women danced for the players for an agreed sum, Powell states she would determine a second sum for the women to have sex with the athletes.

The actions described in the book are both illegal and in violation of school and NCAA rules. Yahoo Sports attempted to contact Powell, although unsuccessful.