Pure Couture’s Tips for Buying the Perfect Dress

by Alyssa Rogers

Homecoming season is coming to an end, but don’t feel too relieved ladies; prom season is already here. 2016 dresses have started filling up stores, and if you want to make sure you’ll get the dress you love and not have to settle, I would suggest doing it soon.

While interviewing the manager at Pure Couture Prom & Pageant, I learned the best tips to teach girls about getting the perfect dress.

  • Around the end of December and the beginning of January is when Pure Couture will have the widest selection.
  • Technically all dresses can be ordered, BUT that does not mean the size and color needed will be in stock.
  • Pure Couture registers all dresses. This means no one at your school can have the same dress as you, but this also means when you fall in love with a dress make sure you check to see whether or not it is already registered at your school.
  • Last season they sold over 1500 dresses. There is something for everyone at Pure Couture since sizes range from 000-30.

Don’t feel obligated to go with the trends. Get what you like. It’s your prom; it’s your choice!

Pure Couture is located at 464 N. Springboro Pike Dayton, OH 45449. You can follow their instagram @purecoutureprom