Sports You Didn’t Know Existed

By: Mitch Hughes

Have you grown tired of people only talking about a handful of sports? Are you tired of hearing about the endless scandals that the athletes of mainstream sports get tied up in?  When you hear grown men recite countless football, baseball, and basketball statistics that hold no real meaning, do you slightly die inside? Do you find yourself avoiding conversations with people whose only interests seem to be sports related? If you didn’t answer yes to one of the previous questions, this article may not be for you, as it will be exploring a new realm of athletic events. Here is a list of sports that you’re sure to have a ball learning about.

  1. Wife Carrying

This game has its origins in nineteenth century Finland, where looters would supposedly steal food and women from the villages they sacked. According to the traditions of wife carry, the male competitor carries his female teammate on his back through some sort of obstacle course that measures 253.5 m alongside their competition with the hopes of finishing the course first. In the U.S., wife carry competitions are held in Maine, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.


2.) Bathtubbing

Bathtubbing was born in Nanaimo, Canada in 1967, where the first ever Nanaimo to Vancouver Great International World Championship Bathtub Race took place. The sport consists of competitors racing inside of a floating bathtub in a body of water. There are a multitude of different races including 100m circuit and synchronized bathtubbing and oars or motors are used depending on the race.

3.) Ferret Legging


Born in Yorkshire, England, where it was popular with coal miners, ferret legging involves participants letting a feisty little ferret into their pants to see how long they can keep it there. Justifiably, the sport has lost its popularity thanks to a sharp increase in common sense among all humans. The world record stands at a rabid  5 hours and 30 minutes set by Frank Bartlett and Christine Farnsworth.



4.) Gurning–unusual-of-the-world/the-weirdest-festivals

The word “gurn” quite literally means to make a grotesque face, and that’s what this English sport is all about. The competition consists of contestants holding a horse collar around their neck as they make the most horrendous face possible. The sport is far from fair, as those that are born terribly ugly have a natural advantage.

5.) JumpRopeSprint

JumpRopeSprint is a sport that is relatively new, and its creators have high hopes for it to become an Olympic sport. The activity itself is as simple is running while jumping rope, one jump per stride. Even if you don’t plan to be the next JumpRopeSprint world champion, incorporating it in your training for other sports can provide a variety of benefits including increased coordination, speed, and balance.



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