How will the world respond to the Paris attacks?

By Anna Starkey

On Friday, November 13, Paris fell victim to ISIS as the world watched in disbelief.  More than 100 innocent lives were taken during bombings across the city.

France has responded quickly, promising to fight back in the war against terrorism while seeking a global coalition to defeat the Islamic State (IS). Already, France has began to intensify airstrikes on IS militants in both Syria and Iraq. France’s allies are preparing to help by continuing Syrian airstrikes, increasing intelligence cooperation, and tightening border security.

Issues surrounding the Friday attacks were discussed at the G-20 summit conducted during the following days in Turkey.  Typically, the summit consists of powerful nations discussing the world economy.  Due to recent events, the meeting instead focused around dealing with the Islamic State. Thus far, leaders from the United States, Russia, England, France and other western nations have agreed to share information regarding counter-terrorism as well as planning to work together to weaken the Islamic State.  For now, nations are working independently by conducting their own operations and following their own policy in regards to foreign intervention.

Despite quick responses from world leaders already, the question still stands whether or not France will enact the Collective Defense Provision of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.  This provision, last enacted by the U.S. after 9/11, considers an “attack on one as an attack on all,” therefore requiring France’s allies to send forces alongside France to defeat the Islamic State.  For now, French leaders have announced that they are not planning on enacting the provision anytime soon.










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