Google Docs: The Modern Canvas

by Meghna Kumar

Google recently terminated the Art Squad on Google Docs for allegedly violating its terms of service. Google Docs is famous amongst high school students as a useful tool for group projects. It facilitates sharing information when working with partners. It enables users who adhere to individual busy schedules to collaborate with others. But Google Docs is more than just a variant of Microsoft Word that requires an Internet connection. It enables users to connect, share, review, and edit the work of anyone, anywhere around the world. As a result of this ease in sharing, a new group called the “Art Squad” emerged as a forum for the world-wide art community to collaborate and add to a work of art begun by one user.

The art created on this forum ranges from clear portraits and landscapes to abstract modern art that includes virtual images and even GIFs to enhance the art experience. The most recent piece travelled around the world and connected fifty people at a time on one piece of art.

So, what do you think– Should Art Squads be allowed to prosper?

Bellbrook High School student Paige Buttery stated, “I think Google should reconsider their position because using Google Docs as a forum for art isn’t hurting anyone. In fact, it might even be bringing people together.” Sophomore Megan Fitzner concurred, “I’m not sure exactly how Google is harmed by this new art forum, especially because it increases the number of Google Docs users, which benefits them in the long run.”

Whether Google will bring back the Art Squad is yet to be known.


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