Seniors 2016 Take On the World

by Jaimie Franz

Butterflies in the stomachs of seniors are starting to buzz. As graduation quickly approaches, most of the seniors’ excitement circles around becoming more independent, leaving parents, starting adult life and having new experiences outside of Bellbrook High School and the Dairy Shed.

The assortment of different majors are rolling in, ranging all the way from neuroscience to management information. The majority of majors focus on mathematics, engineering, science, medicine and business. Evan Hyman said that he would like to become a Theme Park Engineer. Who knows, perhaps he will be the one to create the next rollercoaster at Kings Island.

When asked if they feel that high school has prepared them for this next step in their life, quite often the answer was yes. Seniors noted they learned how to study, manage their time and taking specific classes in the field that they are considering going into while at BHS. Several students have stated the appreciation for the Engineering programs, science department and the scope of businesses classes that were available to them through out their high school career. Melissa Wahl said that she really learned how to work in groups and handle different personalities, learning to see different perspectives.

Thankfully the seniors of 2016 are not only planning to further their education but also planning on making a difference in the world as they grow into the role of adulthood. Several discuss continuing their involvement in volunteering. Chase Sawyer said, “I would like to become a trauma surgeon; I could save lives…” Ethan Aldridge talked about how he wanted to educate people on health and making responsible decisions for their body. Some seniors even talked about coming back to Bellbrook to live in the community they were raised in to make a difference.


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