France Under New Rule

by Jaimie Franz France has recently elected a new president, Emmanuel Macron. Macron won the election by a landslide of 66% of the votes, compared to his running mate, Marine Le Pen, with only 34%. The young 39 year old president, the youngest leader in France since Napoleon, has promised to unify the country of France and revise the economy, two promises throughout his campaign, stating, … Continue reading France Under New Rule

Local Child Struck in Crosswalk

by Jaimie Franz On Friday, April 4, a hit-and-run occurred at The Greene shopping center in Beavercreek. The car hit a 9-year-old girl and her father as the pedestrians crossed a sidewalk by Potbelly Sandwich Shop. The car quickly dashed away after the accident as authorities pulled up. Witnesses went in panic from the disbelief that something like that would happen. The young girl was barely … Continue reading Local Child Struck in Crosswalk

Boys’ Basketball Season Comes to a Close

by Jaimie Franz The Bellbrook Boy’s Basketball season is coming to end. The season contained many challenges and proud moments. While JV and Varsity did not have winning records, they accomplished great victories against Brookville, Eaton and Northridge. Junior Brennen Cramp credits the coaches for pushing the team to make it through difficult games but still doing their best to make it fun all while … Continue reading Boys’ Basketball Season Comes to a Close

Popping The Question, High School Style

by Jaimie Franz Somewhere along the way, students have turned the simple request of going to a high school dance into a surprising public display of funny puns and sweet remarks. A few months after the Homecoming dance, with the Winter Formal soon approaching, Bellbrook is starting to feel the frenzy of dance proposals once more. Only this time the tables have been turned so that … Continue reading Popping The Question, High School Style

The Countdown is On

by Jaimie Franz and Connor Robinson Coming back to school on Tuesday, January 10 officially begins the second semester, which means for all seniors the decision for next year’s plans are soon approaching along with prom and, every senior’s favorite, graduation! Third quarter begins on Tuesday, January 17 and ends March 24. This quarter is the longest of the four, stretching 67 calendar days in total. … Continue reading The Countdown is On

Dodgball to The Death

by Jaimie Franz The week of January 9-13, a dodgeball tournament took place to raise funds for the Theater Department. Senior Elaine King ran the program in conjunction with Madame Jergens. They were able to raise close to $200 through the dodgeball tournament. There were twelve different teams competing in the tournament and their names ranged from funny puns, to sarcastic ones, with enormous amounts of creativity to them. … Continue reading Dodgball to The Death

The Grinch Who Stole Christmas…Well, Christmas Break

by Jaimie Franz This year’s winter break is already feeling short without even starting.  Unlike the usual two weeks off for the mid-winter holiday break, this year’s will only be a full week and three days. To most, this concept of shortness will seem like a petty argument but to the overworked, extremely tired high school students running on Starbucks coffee and dreams of graduation, … Continue reading The Grinch Who Stole Christmas…Well, Christmas Break

The Fascination of Mixing Paint

by Jaimie Franz Combining paint to find out what kind of color is the end result is usually done among the children of kindergarten. Most recently, however, videos of “Mixing Paint” have hit the internet. Twitter accounts dedicated to this new phenomena fascinate viewers. Paint can be combined in different ways of mixing. In my opinion, the end result of these color combinations is obvious, … Continue reading The Fascination of Mixing Paint

The Great Debate of Grace

by Jaimie Franz Grace Vanderwaal, a twelve-year-old from Kansas, won America’s Got Talent and was the youngest to do so. She has been highlighted by Simon Cowell as “the next Taylor Swift.” She wrote all original songs and left the stage each time as humble as she walked on it. Vanderwaal stole the hearts of many Americans but there is still some controversy over whether or … Continue reading The Great Debate of Grace

Movie Review: Acknowledgment of the Light

by Jaimie Franz Two weekends ago my parents took me out for a family day. Knowing that I desperately wanted to go see the movie The Light Between Oceans, my father proceeded to buy tickets for the afternoon showing. I was expecting the movie to tell the story of a couple who lived on a small island right outside of Maine and perform the duty of … Continue reading Movie Review: Acknowledgment of the Light