Dodgball to The Death

by Jaimie Franz


The week of January 9-13, a dodgeball tournament took place to raise funds for the Theater Department. Senior Elaine King ran the program in conjunction with Madame Jergens. They were able to raise close to $200 through the dodgeball tournament.

There were twelve different teams competing in the tournament and their names ranged from funny puns, to sarcastic ones, with enormous amounts of creativity to them. The champion teams of the tournament were: The Flint Tropics and The Cheeseballs. Each team was extremely confident on their strength of winning.

In an interview with each of the team captains before their big play off on Friday’s Pep-rally, senior Conner Merrill, captain of The Cheeseballs, stated that he felt strongly that the close bond of friendship his team had was their biggest strength to bring to the game and listed their biggest weakness as being a bit over-aggressive. He also stated that having a coach part of the team, senior Adam Billet, was a big bonus, saying, “He’s our Rock!” Sean Ulrich, captain of The Flint Tropics, said that his team was good at every single thing they needed to bring to the court and that there were absolutely no weakness within his team.

In the end, The Flint Tropics dominated the game and took overall winner but when the teachers got involved for a challenge match, they lost. It was an exciting week to be cheering on fellow peers in a game that we all held in distant memories of middle school all while raising money for a good cause.


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