The Countdown is On

by Jaimie Franz and Connor Robinson

Coming back to school on Tuesday, January 10 officially begins the second semester, which means for all seniors the decision for next year’s plans are soon approaching along with prom and, every senior’s favorite, graduation!

Third quarter begins on Tuesday, January 17 and ends March 24. This quarter is the longest of the four, stretching 67 calendar days in total. There are only a few breaks during this quarter, yet the possibility of having snow days is the highest during this time. Scheduled breaks include Martin Luther King, Jr. day, a teacher in-service day on February 17, Presidents’ Day, and a two-hour early dismissal on March 1st.

Despite being long, the third quarter has several benefits. Winter formal takes place on February 4, and spring break takes place during the first week of fourth quarter, meaning all plans for travel will be made during the third. The quarter means that spring is coming soon, and another school year is nearing completion.  If we all look past its extensive length compared to the other quarters and focus on the fun events happening during the next two months, third quarter doesn’t seem too bad; just remember to hope for more snow days!

First day of second semester marks the first day of the countdown of days until graduation: 130. The second semester is especially nice for seniors who can work hard during the third quarter allowing them to exempt as many exams as their grades allow. Count with the feelings of eagerness until the day that officially marks independence. No more day in and day out of the same exact classes, only new horizons and new experiences filled with all new people ahead. But as advice to my fellow senior, let us enjoy our last semester of high school, for we will never get this exact moment back. Cheers to future, joy in the present.


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