Popping The Question, High School Style

by Jaimie Franz

Somewhere along the way, students have turned the simple request of going to a high school dance into a surprising public display of funny puns and sweet remarks. A few months after the Homecoming dance, with the Winter Formal soon approaching, Bellbrook is starting to feel the frenzy of dance proposals once more. Only this time the tables have been turned so that the girls will be doing all the asking.

The proposals have ranged from involving food, to sports references to simple straightforward signs, all asking the same question. Most are usually accompanied with a nervous, smiley person inquiring, surrounded by friends backing him or her with support and cameras at the ready.

The ideas for these proposals are endless and full of creativity. Here are just a few of my favorite dance proposals from Google images:







The winter formal will be taken place on February 4th, 2016. The JROTC will be putting it on from 7pm-10pm, costing ten dollars each person for admission.


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