The Grinch Who Stole Christmas…Well, Christmas Break

by Jaimie Franz

This year’s winter break is already feeling short without even starting.  Unlike the usual two weeks off for the mid-winter holiday break, this year’s will only be a full week and three days. To most, this concept of shortness will seem like a petty argument but to the overworked, extremely tired high school students running on Starbucks coffee and dreams of graduation, it is an outrage. To us, this golden two weeks is solidly filled with sleep, family time, relaxation and even more sleep. As the holidays approach, we may not all be daydreaming in class over gum drops and presents under the tree but you better bet that our time off is on every students’ passing thoughts.

Some teachers, in hopes of comforting the distressed students of Bellbrook High school, have tried explaining that this shorter break is due to the lengthened summer to celebrate Bellbrook’s 200th Birthday. But this explanation raises a few pestering questions. Will this shortened winter break be a regular thing? Would it ever even be a possibility to have a three week long winter break? Would this longer break be something that students and teachers support to recharge the old batteries, even if it meant going a little longer in June?


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