Boys’ Basketball Season Comes to a Close

by Jaimie Franz

The Bellbrook Boy’s Basketball season is coming to end. The season contained many challenges and proud moments. While JV and Varsity did not have winning records, they accomplished great victories against Brookville, Eaton and Northridge. Junior Brennen Cramp credits the coaches for pushing the team to make it through difficult games but still doing their best to make it fun all while keeping a hard work mentality.

Cramp and his teammate, junior Donnie Crouch, both rave about their team’s ability to overcome adversity and fight against the challenges that came up throughout the season. But in any season, with the blood sweat and tears, there are joyful moments too. Crouch stated that his favorite memory of the season was celebrating wins in the locker room with his team, the camaraderie.

It is obvious to any observer that the boys walked on as different players than as they are going to walk off, for they have improved in their athletic abilities. There are big hopes for next year’s season, with their postseason set to accomplish their goals. Crouch said, “I fully believe in my team and coaches and I have full expectations to make a run at league, and make a splash in the tournament next year.”


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