DREAMers Deportation

by Jack Long

Daniela Vargas, a DREAMer, is looking at deportation to Argentina. At the age of 7, Vargas was brought to the U.S. illegally but granted a work permit under Obama’s DACA program.

After discussing her ordeal of coming to the U.S. at a meeting in Jackson City Hall in Mississippi, she was detained after being pulled over upon leaving the meeting. Vargas’ permit lapsed in November and in February she applied to renew it after saving for the $495 application processing fee.

Vargas faces deportation without a hearing after being considered as a “visa waiver overstay.” Vargas’ lawyer says a person who has a pending DACA application is not usually detained, and stating Vargas’ ordeal as “mind-boggling.” However, her case can be reviewed by an immigration judge, according to Thomas Byrd, the Immigration and Customs spokesman.

Many critics of President Trump as well as immigration special interest groups have questioned the immigration policy under Trump. Will Trump uphold DACA? Will Trump uphold precedence from former presidents?


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