Ohio Bar Association Introduces “Now You’re 18”

by Jack Long As many Seniors begin to turn eighteen, they take on the responsibilities of the adult world; not only social responsibilities but legal ones as well. The Ohio Bar Association hosts a programme called “Now You’re 18,” which allows “new adults [to] learn about their changing legal status.” Many Bellbrook Seniors feel they lack the education that would prepare them for the adult … Continue reading Ohio Bar Association Introduces “Now You’re 18”

On the Heels of Harvey, Hurricane Irma

Photo courtesy: NASA by Jack Long 5 September 2017 Hurricane Harvey is expected to be the most expensive natural disaster in American History, estimated at $108 billion in disaster relief, by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). However, some estimates reach $190 billion, with economic impact factored in. Hurricane Harvey hit the Texan coast at Category 3 with winds at 130 mph late August. … Continue reading On the Heels of Harvey, Hurricane Irma

Bellbrook Marching Band Announces Show

by Jack Long On Saturday, May 20, Chris Foster, Director of Bellbrook Bands, announced the 2017 Marching Band show music at the annual ice-breaker. Music selections include Shostakovich’s Festival Overture and selections from Henry Mancini’s The Great Race. The Bellbrook 2017 Marching Band show is based on an Aesop Fable: the Tortoise and the Hare; the show is entitled “Slow and Steady.” Over the summer, … Continue reading Bellbrook Marching Band Announces Show

Solar Flares and Our Accidental Barrier

by Jack Long It seems like something out of a science-fiction book—an invisible shield surrounding Earth—but in 2014 NASA’s Van Allen Probes discovered an impenetrable barrier in space. This barrier, caused by the interaction between very low frequency (VLF) waves and charged particles surrounding the Earth, can block solar flares from entering our Earth’s atmosphere. In an age of modern technology running well, everything, solar … Continue reading Solar Flares and Our Accidental Barrier

OPINION: Stage Crew Pulls their Weight

by Jack Long We have entered the final week of the spring musical. The Theatre Department is finalizing large portions of the musical that all BHS and BMS students will see this week on either Wednesday or Thursday. Though many of you will only see the actors and hear the orchestra, the most important part of any show are the multitude of people working behind the … Continue reading OPINION: Stage Crew Pulls their Weight

United States Service Academy Day at Local High School

By Jack Long On Saturday, April 22, Centerville High School will host the United States Service Academy Day from 9 am to 12 pm. There will be representatives from West Point, the Naval Academy, the Air Force Academy, the Merchant Marine Academy, and the Coast Guard academy. They will answer questions from students from the 10th Congressional District during the “break-out” session at 10:30 am. … Continue reading United States Service Academy Day at Local High School

US and UK ban on electronics during flights

by Jack Long and Connor Robinson The US and UK banned electronics larger than a smartphone from being used in an airplane’s cabin. The ban only concerns inbound flights on nine airlines operating at ten airports located in the Middle East. The Turkish government expressed anger after the Ataturk Airport in Istanbul was included in the US ban. The Turkish government called for the US … Continue reading US and UK ban on electronics during flights

Senate Begins Gorsuch confirmation hearing

by Jack Long Gorsuch ascended to the Capitol Monday morning, March 20 to face Democrat and Republican Senators in a very abnormal Judiciary confirmation hearing. Senators questioned Gorsuch on his Constitutional views—an atypical way of conducting this type of hearing. Typically, Supreme Court nominees are scrutinized on past rulings as well as enduring a deep probe into their qualifications. Senate Democrats dragged Obama’s nominee Merrick … Continue reading Senate Begins Gorsuch confirmation hearing

DREAMers Deportation

by Jack Long Daniela Vargas, a DREAMer, is looking at deportation to Argentina. At the age of 7, Vargas was brought to the U.S. illegally but granted a work permit under Obama’s DACA program. After discussing her ordeal of coming to the U.S. at a meeting in Jackson City Hall in Mississippi, she was detained after being pulled over upon leaving the meeting. Vargas’ permit lapsed … Continue reading DREAMers Deportation

UN Honors Russian Ambassador

by Jack Long On 20 February 2017, Russian Ambassador to the UN Vitaly Churkin died a few hours before his 65th birthday. Fellow UN Ambassadors spoke of him as a charismatic, caring, yet strong diplomat that deeply cared for the progress of his country and humanitarian issues. Churkin, though, has garnered criticism with his support for al-Assad’s government forces in Syria, as well as his … Continue reading UN Honors Russian Ambassador