The Great Debate of Grace

by Jaimie Franz

Grace Vanderwaal, a twelve-year-old from Kansas, won America’s Got Talent and was the youngest to do so. She has been highlighted by Simon Cowell as “the next Taylor Swift.” She wrote all original songs and left the stage each time as humble as she walked on it.

Vanderwaal stole the hearts of many Americans but there is still some controversy over whether or not she should have won Season 11 of America’s Got Talent. Her young age counteracting the first impression of amazement, watchers of the show agreed that twelve-years-old was too young to receive a grand prize of one million dollars.

Vanderwaal had tough competition as comedians, contortionists and magicians took to the stage with her. They all provided impressive acts, one after another, getting more intricate and intense as the season moved forward. Vanderwaal persisted to bring her originality to the stage and improve her music each act, as other contestants brought fire and other life-threatening acts. She proved herself by her actual talent, in my opinion.

I gawked as I watched this season of America’s Got Talent but Vanderwaal was definitely my personal favorite. I felt that she worked extremely hard and has a beautiful voice. I don’t feel that her young age should deter her dreams, as she simply has more time to grow. The final vote was left of to America, so the majority must agree with me: congratulations Grace Vanderwaal!


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