The Walking Dead: The Good, The Dead, and The Negan

by Kasen Stephensen

Season 6 of AMC’s The Walking Dead resumes on Valentine’s Day 2016.  The midseason premiere is the perfect Valentine’s gift if your significant other enjoys, “Chaos, terror, heartbreak, heroics, tragedy and terror,” says the showrunner Scott Gimple before adding that this is “one of the biggest episodes we’ve done. This one is gargantuan.”

According to the comic books the show is based on, the next major villain to appear is the notorious Negan. According to the Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman himself, “Negan is kind of an atomic bomb that’s going to be dropped on the show and the show will probably never be the same after that.” Season 6 has been a fantastic season but has aggravated viewers by withholding clues about his eminent, and perhaps destructive, appearance.

In the comics, Negan was a used car salesman (alarm bells!) before the apocalypse.  He is manipulative and domineering and bullied many groups of people into paying for “protection” from the walkers. He is described as “casual, jolly, yet savage… and adores violence and mayhem.”  He has the most well-known weapon: a barbed-wire-covered baseball bat he affectionately calls “Lucille.” Upon his first appearance, Negan randomly selects Glenn from Rick’s gang and beats him to death with Lucille.

There is much speculation from fans on whether this iconic scene will be recreated with another victim.  The Walking Dead TV show has switched up several deaths/injuries in order to keep the comic book junkies surprised as well as stay true to the original stories.  For instance, Bob lost his leg to cannibals instead of Dale in the TV show.

It is likely that a fan-favorite character will perish at the hands of Negan.  Viewers all over the world grieved at Glenn Rhee’s astonishing “death” earlier in the season and should prepare to bid farewell to another beloved character.


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