Local Lacrosse Team Prepares for New Season

by Bridget Richard

It may not be a well-known fact, but several Bellbrook High School girls participate in lacrosse. They play as a part of a local Bellbrook lacrosse team. One of these players is BHS senior Bridgette Martinez. Martinez has been playing for five years, and explained how the lacrosse environment is different from that of other sports. “Lax is more or less a mixture of soccer, basketball, and field hockey making it a faster and more complicated environment.” Her favorite part of playing is “the speed of the sport. It’s definitely a fast sport with no dull movements.” Martinez also said one way that BHS students can help support the team is to “advertise the team and get the students excited to go to games or join the team.”
When asked what makes a good lacrosse player, Martinez replied, “Like any other sport: some good coordination skills, determination, and good sportsmanship.” The team will have their first scrimmage game during the third week in March.

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