The Oscars or The Night Leo Finally Won

By: Rachel Stewart

The 2016 Academy Award’s have finally been granted, and the show itself was an interesting one this year.  Although Mad Max: Fury Road took home the most awards, with a total of 6, it didn’t receive any of the “big three” awards, those being “best actor,” “best actress,” or “best picture.”  Best Picture went to Spotlight, Best Actress went to Brie Larson for her role in Room, and of course, Best Actor went to Leonardo DiCaprio for The Revenant.  I personally was surprised to see Spotlight win, just because I was so sure that the Academy would pick The Revenant, given how much they seem to love its director.  The real talk of the night, however, was Leo finally winning an Oscar.  If you’ve been anywhere on the Internet, you’ve probably seen the jokes floating around about Leo never getting an Oscar. Leo is exceptionally well-loved by movie goers, and we’ve marveled at his acting ability for many years, so the world rejoiced when his name was finally called as the winner. 6 nominations, and in the end, a win for good ol’ Leo.

I asked fellow “film buff,” Anna Starkey, a few questions about what she thought of the Oscars.

Were you surprised by any of the winners last night?

  • I was pleasantly surprised that Mad Max won so many. I really liked it but I didn’t know that it was that widely accepted, especially by The Academy.

Any thoughts on Leo finally winning an Oscar?

  • It’s about damn time.

Which Oscar-nominated film that you haven’t already seen from this year do you want to see the most?

  • Probably The Big Short.



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