Gabby Ozoude Soars

By Sarah Rovinsky

Gabby Ozoude, center player on Bellbrook’s Varsity Women’s Basketball team, comments on a successful season and shares future plans.

When did you start playing?

“I tried in fourth grade and again freshman year but I got injured, so technically this is my first year.”

How did you start playing?

“I was always drawn to it so it wasn’t hard for me to get into it. There were factors preventing me, but the coaches really made it all possible.”

How do you feel about the 2016 season and what will you miss about it?

“I thought it was great, better than I expected. I came in not knowing anyone. After the first few games, we were a pretty solid team. We were undefeated until the last game. I didn’t expect to win so many… I’ll miss the work ethic and even more so the personalities. It’s not sad that we lost; it’s sad because I’ll miss them.”

Whats your favorite part about the sport?

“I like the constant enthusiasm from playing, which makes the crowd excited, and just builds a great atmosphere.”

What’s the hardest aspect of basketball?

“Endurance, because I have none of it.”

Are there any traditions you’ve started this year or would like to continue?

“B Dubs after every win. Everyone is together.”

Any scholarship offers?

“Yeah, about 25, but I’m undecided. They’re all full rides. I’d be starting mid-June for classes and training.”

Any goals for the future?

“Just to see where my potential goes.”





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