Need Six More Hours of Service?

by Elaine King

As fourth quarter hits, so do the final stages of Senioritis. College pick? Check. FAFSA? Check. Roommate? Kind of. Your six hours of service required to graduate? YIKES! At Bellbrook High School it is a requirement that all students complete six hours of volunteer work during their Senior year in order to graduate.

NHS will begin a new program called Saturday Enrichment. This program will give the seniors who participate almost half the required hours to graduate. The program is set up to provide new experiences in different areas of learning for BCI students. The goal is to introduce new areas of study that the kids have never experienced before in preparation for high school. The areas of study include art, Arabic, Spanish, French, science, and computers.

The high school students will teach the subjects to the BCI students. No knowledge of the area of study chosen is required as all the information taught to the students is introductory. The first session will be on April 16 and is from 9-11:30 am at BHS. You do not have to be an NHS member to volunteer and the hours for the event count towards your graduation requirement. You do not have to be an upperclassman to volunteer either. You do not have to stay the whole time and the more volunteers recruited the better. NHS really needs the assistance of the entire student body so that the program can prosper.

If interested, please contact Mrs. Rivero ASAP. Or you can contact the leaders of each area of study individually.

Art: Hana Midtlien

Arabic: Dalia Alkhawaga

Spanish: Megan Petric

French: Rachel Heinz

Science: Madison Pelfrey or Sierra Duerr

Computers: Emi Ford



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