Bellbrook Teacher Organizes Pie Day 5K

By Sarah Rovinsky

March 14, BHS teacher Pam Schultz hosted a 5k.  Participants walked following a path mapped out inside the high school.  Anyone interested met in Mrs. Schultz’s room (146), willing to walk 7 laps around the building and finish in about 45 minutes.  Water, grapes, cheese, and pie in honor of Pi Day were provided. Mrs. Schultz collected donations with the money going to the Larry Will Scholarship fund. Larry Will is the late father of Chip Will, BHS math teacher.

According to Mrs. Schultz, “My New Year’s resolution was to do a 5k each month for a charity.  My husband and I walked New Year’s Day to raise money to end human trafficking, February was the American Heart Association, and here we are in March! We just decided since we were walking we could open it up to others too.  We had 7 at BHS and 7 at BMS walk last month.  I think we have about the same tomorrow. I have organized it myself and bought snacks but I am really just keeping it simple.  If we get 2 people, we will walk together.  If we get 100, even better!”


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