A Shocking End to March Madness

By Elaine King

The month of March is notoriously known for the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament. The event, most often referred to as March Madness, carries on throughout the month as all of the loyal basketball fans watch with anticipation both the games and their brackets. This year the championship game ended with a twist. The Villanova Wildcats faced the North Carolina Tar Heels and won 77 to 74. But it was not a national upset that makes the game what fans are calling “one of the greatest championship games of all time,” but the buzzer shot that won the Wildcats the trophy.

Before the game, the Tar Heels seemed to have the advantages. Critics said they would “pound the ball inside.” Despite the fact that both teams were the best in the nation, the Tar Heels seemed to have the defensive and physical advantages over the Wildcats. At the end of the first half, the Tar Heels had the lead, 39 to 34. But with a slim 14 minutes left the Wildcats brought the game to a tie 44-44.

With their adrenaline running, the Wildcats continued to push for the win. However, the Tar Heels retaliated, and the efforts of both teams brought the score to a nail-biting 70- 69; Tar Heels lead with a minute to spare, the championship title in plain view for both teams. With only a few seconds left, the Wildcats’ player Marcus Paige shot an incredible three pointer to tie the game. Now the clock read 5 seconds. The lucky shot taken by Paige set up his teammate, Kris Jenkins, for a heroic buzzer shot to win the second championship title for the Wildcats.


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