Holy Crap! The National Poo Museum Opens

By: Rachel Stewart

Museums exist to house an amalgam of things surrounding one subject.  Interested in airplanes? Museum for that.  Interested in World War 2? Museum for that.  Interested in Georgia O’Keeffe? Museum for that. How about fecal matter? Ladies and gentlemen and all who don’t ascribe to the binary…there is now a museum for that.

The “National Poo Museum” has opened at the Isle of Wight Zoo in England.  It was crafted by members of the artist collective Eccleston George and houses twenty illuminated resin spheres that contain feces.  There is a variety of specimen, from animal to human, from all around the world, and samples spanning as far back as 140 million years.

Co-curator Daniel Roberts says that “poo is all around us, and inside us, but we ignore it,” so he wanted to make a place that called attention to this “taboo” but natural occurrence.  Additionally, it doesn’t just use feces for the “shock” factor of a museum revolving around it; it calls attention to real-world issues such as the lack of sanitation in developing countries.

So, if you’re in the area, and feel like going to the “Number 2” museum in England¹, head on over to the National Museum of Poo!

¹- this is not the actual Number 2 museum, I manipulated facts in order to make a sh***y² joke…

²- I’m sorry I did it again.


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