By: Kasen Stephensen

On July 23-24, 25 international teams will compete in Frankfurt, Germany for the International Quidditch Association World Cup.  The US National Team is sending 21 players as well as 7 alternates to compete for the Cup.

According to the US National Quidditch Team webpage, “These 21 players were chosen by the committee based on their on-field achievements, leadership, and ability to be great ambassadors for US Quidditch.” In addition to being expert flyers, applicants were required to “submit an essay that explains why they want the opportunity to represent the nation and the league.”

This sport is not for laughs and giggles: in an interview with Julia Baer, a selected chaser for the US National team, she recalls weathering “sprained ankles, a separated shoulder, and temporary blindness in one eye.” Concussions are the number one Quidditch injury in this full contact sport.

Move aside Olympics, the IQA World Cup is coming!


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