Spring into Spring Cleaning

By Anna Starkey

As the spring sun begins to shine down after another long, chilly Ohio winter, the junk that has accumulated over the past six months becomes illuminated, forcing us to focus on our clutter.  Managing the mess can appear overwhelming.  Thankfully, there are five simple steps to approaching spring cleaning.

  1. Make a List!
    • Write down everything that is currently cluttered in your life including outstanding projects and jobs. Prioritize the list by ordering it from most important to least important.  Deadlines are also an important part of the listing process.  Set due dates to avoid putting tasks off indefinitely.
  2. Start Small!
    • In order to declutter a larger area like your room or your locker, start with smaller tasks within the job.  For example, begin by going through folders, notebooks, and book bags.  Throw away any papers or items that are no longer relevant.  This method alleviates stress associated with larger projects.
  3. Out with the Old…
    • Get rid of any junk lying around your life.  This can include anything from unread emails to trash on your bedroom floor.  In order to move forward, also work to put away fall and winter items.  Store decorations away and sort through your clothing.  Decide which items you plan to wear next year and donate the rest to organizations such as Goodwill or the Salvation Army.  This is also a good time to give away any holiday gifts you have decided not to use.  Remember: do not throw anything away that still has potential.  Instead, donate items to others who are in need.
  4. …In with the New.
    • After putting fall and winter items away, start filling space with spring colors, decorations, and scents.  Change your phone background to flowers and enjoy Bath & Body Works’s newest spring collections.  Brighten up your living space with fresh flowers and clean sheets.  This is also an ideal time to hang up your summer wardrobe in place of ugly Christmas sweaters.  However, be cautious when changing out your snow boots to flip-flops; you never know when it will snow in Ohio.
  5. Keep it Up!
    • Once you are finished with your spring cleaning list, do NOT stop trying to maintain an organized lifestyle.  Spring brings with it a breath of fresh air and can act almost as a second New Year.  Make a resolution to stay (somewhat) clean.  Admire the work you have accomplished thus far, and keep going.  Planners, calendars, and to-do lists make good starting points.  In order to have a lighter load next Spring, utilize your resources and work harder through the year to remain organized.

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