Spring into Spring Clothing

By: Casey Murphy

This spring season, get updated on the 2016 spring colors and what to wear.  According to Instyle.com, “This season’s colors are calm and peaceful combined with hues that are bold and playful.” Here are 10 of the season’s colors that will be seen out and about on the streets.

from Pantone
from Pantone

The first color of the season is Buttercup and has traits of sunshine and happiness. A vibrant color, Fiesta, will be trending with traits of excitement and free-spirits. Following Fiesta, there is Green Flash, with qualities of being unique, open and unexpected. Next, a brand-new hue never heard of before, Iced Coffee includes traits of soft, subtle, earthy and stable. This color can be seen recently on Kim Kardashian. Another new hue, Lilac Grey has a trait of neutral yet edgy tone. Limpet Shell, a new hue, is a light blue that has clear, clean defined, fresh, crisp and modern traits. Next, Peach Echo, also new, is a peachy pink that includes traits of friendly, warm and accessible. Rose Quartz, a very light pink combines traits of gentle, compassionate, composed, reflective and light-hearted tones. The Rose Quartz can be seen on Sofia Vergara in Marchesa. The ninth color of the season, Serenity, is a gentle blue that are traits of trust, calming and dependability. Lastly Snorkel Blue, a very royal blue, has traits of relaxation and escapism. This last color can be see on Amy Adams.

These top colors of 2016 were compiled by designers and color experts around the world who have synthesized all the hues throughout the forthcoming collections and merged them with the color trends they have been tracking globally. These colors are gender neutral and are in fact trending for both genders.


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